Warmth and comfort for war victims: a modern modular town was opened in Krasne

8 May 2023

Finally, that day has come. Families of war-affected residents of Chernihiv Oblast are moving to cozy apartments in a new modular town in the village of Krasne. Each of these people has his own life story. But all of them…

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Warmth for visitors of the Korniivka district

21 Nov 2022

The village of Korniivka of the Baryshivka United Territorial Community in Kyiv region has been cooperating with the Baryshivka grain company Grain Alliance for quite some time. The spectrum of implemented social projects is very wide. A few years ago,…

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Safety and comfort – for schoolchildren in Kovpyta, Chernihiv region

2 Nov 2022

The Baryshiv grain company has been working in the village of Kovpita in the Chernihiv region for more than 4 years. Is it a lot or a little? It is better to count this period in the good deeds that…

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Without waiting for the end of the war: the Baryshivka grain company repaired the destroyed premises of the district

1 Nov 2022

In the first days of the war, the village of Khreschate in Chernihiv region was subjected to large-scale artillery fire and heavy bombardment. The livestock farm, the local school, and not a single stone remained in the village center of…

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Gifts of sincerity and attention – to the oldest residents of the villages

1 Oct 2022

The Leged couple are peculiar and unique residents of the village of Orlivka in Chernihiv region. First of all, the man’s name is George Lukyanovych, a name, you must agree, atypical for a Ukrainian village. Secondly, George Lukyanovych and Nina…

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