Meeting and discussion on Drabiv district.

13 Jun 2017

May 11, 2017, with Deputy Chairman of the regional Council of  Drabiv district MS Bogoslavets Tatiana, together with our village Heads participated in the session of “Round table” on theme: “Partnership in the villages of 2017”.

During the meeting, all were informed about their best project, to be held this year in villages where the Fund and accumulating funds, to make patching roads.

Village Heads were informed us that the available funds, especially there, because everything is already planned for work with the Found, and gradually begins to spend. For example, in village Svichkivka already donated cots in the kindergarten for a total amount of 50 000,00 UAH. Next, is talking about replacing Windows in the school. And so in each of our village.

Upon completion of the event were coordinated some of the details on patching, and that if possible, then, clearly part of the funds will go to this rush this necessary project..

Following the meeting, agreements were reached on further cooperation with the communities rural of Drabiv district.

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