For the comfort of the patients of Kantakuzivka village

1 Apr 2020

The organization of proper provision of medical services in Ukrainian villages today is an acute and urgent  issue. And this is not just about providing equipment or medical supplies. In some cases, even the living conditions in which doctors work and serve patients in villages become a problem. According to statistics for the end of 2018, 72% of rural midwifery and family outpatient services have no water supply, 82% – internal toilets.

By implementing projects to assist rural communities, the “Baryshev grain company ” charity supports rural health care institutions to improve their conditions. In particular, one of the large-scale projects was implemented in the midwifery and family outpatient servicese of village Kantakuzivka in Cherkasy region together with the local budget.

Anatoly Latysh, Head of the midwifery and family outpatient services of village Kantakuzivka, Cherkasy region

“Thanks to the “Baryshev grain company”, in 2019, we received funds for the construction and commissioning of an internal sanitary facility at a midwifery and family outpatient servicese. Now our patients, on day care, after drips and after injections, have better conditions. First of all, we have sufficient conditions to ensure a decent sanitary level in the institution. And this is extremely important in today epizootic situation in Ukraine.”

In addition, under the joint project, the facility installed a new boiler to provide basic obstetric point with hot water.

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