Annual Report 2017

12 Mar 2018

Thanks to the long-term cooperation of our Foundation with the local communities where our company operates, we have succeeded in implementing many projects to improve the infrastructure of the villages.

Assistance directions (projects) for 2017.


Directions  Targeted help  Amount of money spent, UAH 
1.     Education  Repair of schools and kindergartens (sports equipment, furniture) and replacement of windows, repair of toilet rooms, introduction of innovative methods of presentation (interactive whiteboards, projectors), design of school stands, repair of  school museum rooms,  organization of excursions, feeding in children’s camps, support of holidays: 1-th of September, last bell , graduation evenings, (the provision of office equipment, the buying books) and New Year gifts. 1 083 808,38
2.     Culture  Renovation of cultural buildings repair, renovation of musical equipment, renovation of stage costumes, repair of the heating system, and holidays support “Day of village “,  Day`s of  Victory (May 9), Day of the Elderly, Day of the People with Disabilities. 1 421 250,11
3.     Medicine  Repair of out-patient departments, and obstetric stations. Provision of consumables for medical equipment (test strips for the apparatus  measuring blood sugar), repair of medical vehicles, replacement of auto parts. 84 452,43
4.     Landscaping  Production of technical and project documentation for the renovation of street lighting. Road repair and water intake wells. Purchase of public stops, equipment for sports and playgrounds and cleaning of local reservoirs. 1 345 474,13
5.      Sport  Support for competitions, the acquisition of a sports uniform  footwear and inventory 82 522,30
6.     Targeted help  Cash assistance for the treatment of seriously ill people 60400,00
7.     Spirituality  Support for spirituality in the countryside, namely repair of temples. 39 988,89
8.     NGOs  Implementation of partner grants. This is the replacement of windows, carrying outsports competitions and the purchase of sports equipment as well as road repair and street lighting. 45 650,00
9.     Other  Charitable assistance in the form of office equipment and clothing  was provided for the militarys Kyiv region and Poltava region. 32 893,00
Total   4 196 439,24


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