Tatyana Khomivna Krokoves: “Age is not a barrier to taking care of people’s well-being”

1 Apr 2020

In her 78 years, Tatiana Khomivna Krokovez leads an active life, is interested in all aspects of community life. The whole career  woman was spent in agriculture of Drabiv district until she decided to retire from the position of the chief agronomist-gardener of the local agribusiness. But on a well-deserved rest Tatiana Khomivna does not abandon the business to which she devoted her life – defending the interests of villagers.

Tatiana Krokovez, resident of Svichkivka village, Cherkasy region

“But how can I leave them, as I have cared about them all these years, about these people. Everyone in the village know – my phone doesn’t off. Asks: “How to do it?” “How to do that?” «Now I went to talk to the management of the “Baryshev grain company”. So when I came out, people asked me, “What questions were raised there?” And I say to them “I raised questions that hurt for all of you”

Tatiana Khomivna is a frequent visitor of the local office “Baryshev grain company”. She comes to share farming experience, to communicate about the pressing problems of the community. She says it’s always a pleasure to talk to courteous professionals about their business.

Tatiana Krokovez, resident of Svichkivka village, Cherkasy region

“It is a very good company for our village. Even in comparison with other similar companies, as many tell and complain. «Baryshev grain company» is punctually and fully paid for by contracts. Always helps the local school and kindergarten. In general, it’s better way for the community. She continues to move on leaning on a stick, not quickly.”

And every day Tatyana Khomyovna Krukoves proves with her own example that age is no obstacle to taking care of people’s well-being. And the experience of wanting to help will always find the right application.

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